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eReaders 2022

Kobo ereaders

UPDATED 2022-08-15

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Our best choice
Libra 2
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Screen resolution: 1680 x 1264.
  • Internal memory 32 GB
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  • 7 inch e-ink touch screen
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Good choice
Clara HD
  • 6 inch e-ink front lit touch screen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Internal memory 8GB
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  • Micro USB cable
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Libra 2 | eReader | 7” Waterproof Touchscreen| Glare-Free | Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature | Blue L...
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  • GLARE FREE & IMPROVED SCREEN - Kobo Libra 2's improved 7" HD E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen delivers a faster display, quicker page turns, and deeper contrast. Always glare-free—unlike your smartphone or tablet. ComfortLight PRO's adjustable brightness and blue light reduction technology limits eyestrain and lets you read well into the night, without affecting your sleep. Dark Mode offers the option of white text on a black background
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  • AS ADAPTABLE AS YOU ARE - Kobo Libra 2's ergonomic design feels good in your hands. Keep the story moving by swiping the touchscreen or use the page-turn buttons when one of those hands is full. You also have the option to read in landscape mode. Whether it's post-workout, on the bus, or nursing your little one back to sleep, Kobo Libra 2 is made to fit your busy life
  • LISTEN AT YOUR LEISURE - Kobo Libra 2 supports Kobo Audiobooks with Bluetooth wireless technology. Think of it as a hands-free reading option, for those super busy days. * (Audiobooks available only in select countries. Bluetooth wireless headphones or speaker required)
  • FULLY WATERPROOF* - You can take your story to the park, the beach, the tub, or even out in the rain. Life happens, rain or shine, now your reading life can, too. **Meets requirements of IPX8 rating. Waterproof for up to 60 minutes in up to 2 metres of water
  • FULL OF POSSIBILITIES - AND UP TO 24,000 BOOKS - Kobo Libra 2 comes with 32GB of storage, enough to hold your entire library. Take up to 24,000 eBooks, 150 Kobo Audiobooks, or a combination of both with you, everywhere you go. Whatever your latest read or listen, it's always on hand***
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