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We help our visitors to avoid buying products they’ll later regret. If you use when shopping online, you can be sure that the recommended product or brand that is popular, manufactured by an established company and offered at the best price.


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Boil water quickly and easily with the best kettle 2022

UPDATED 2022-08-15

Save both time and energy by heating your water in an electric kettle – and maybe even let it be a nice interior design piece in your kitchen?

Our top choices:

Our best choice: Wilfa SVART FORMAT Kettle WSDK-2000B

Best premium model: KitchenAid Kitchenaid Kettle Artisan Red

Very popular: Philips  Daily Collection Kettle (HD9350/92)

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Our best choice
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  • The Wilfa WSDK-2000B kettle in stainless steel design is the perfect kitchen aid for your household with top performance. The 2200 watt heating element not only prepares boiling water in seconds, but is also easy to clean
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  • With the insulating double wall, the kettle does not get hot from the outside and is especially safer to use near children. The double wall provides better insulation to keep the water warmer for longer
  • Different types of tea require different brewing temperatures to be perfect. With the Wilfa SVART format you can choose temperatures between 40, 70, 80, 90 or 100 degrees and look forward to the perfect development of the finest aromas
  • Once the heated water is hot, it stays hot. The kettle keeps the heated water at the desired temperature for up to 25 minutes. So you don't have to reheat the water again and you can enjoy your hot drink in peace
  • To make your daily tea or coffee, the Wilfa kettle is the perfect choice for you. With its stainless steel housing, its maximum capacity of 1.25 litres and the classic, slim design, it is an absolute eye-catcher in any kitchen
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Best premium model
Kitchenaid Kettle Artisan Red
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  • Temperature adjustable from 50 ° C to 100 ° C / temperature - indicators
  • Double wall construction
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  • Attractive design with 1, 5 liters and bring to boil large quantities of water, a great accessory in any kitchen
  • Metal housing with soft - touch - handle, robust, stable, fit comfortably in your hand
  • Material: Aluminum - housing; Inner wall of plastic, the inner stainless steel base
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Very popular
 Daily Collection Kettle (HD9350/92)
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  • Electric Kettles
  • HD9350/90
  • 8710103817253
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  • Philips Daily Collection HD9350/90 electric kettle 1.7 L Stainless steel 2200 W
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Smeg KLF03WHEU Electric Kettle KLF03WHEU-chrome, Stainless Steel, 2400 W, 1.7 liters, Chrome
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  • Product Comes with 2 Pin Plug Type
  • Voltage: 220-240 V. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Plugin: Schuko.
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  • Removable stainless steel lime filter. Automatic shutdown at 100° C. Automatic shut-off when the kettle is empty. Turning the kettle on 360° basis. Hidden heating elements. A storage box for the power cord. Non-slip feet. Power: 2400W.
  • Dimensions: 248 x 226 x 171 mm (W x S x G). Net weight: 1.6 kg. The length of the power cord: 1 m.
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