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Drilling machines 2022

How to find the best drill of 2022

UPDATED 2022-04-13

To get the best drill makes a huge difference when you are renovating your home. Our guide will help you make the best possible choice.

Our top choices:

Our best choice: Bosch Cordless Combi Drill

Popular: Black & Decker BCD700S1K-GB

Good choice: Stanley FatMax

Great value: Einhell TC-ID 650 E

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Our best choice
Cordless Combi Drill
  • 8 mm keyless chuck
  • 20 torque settings
  • Maximum of 1450 RPM
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  • Several functions
Available in 4 stores
Buy from Argos
In stock
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In stock
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Robert Dyas
In stock
Black & Decker
  • 18 V battery power
  • Forward/reverse function
  • Quick charge
  • Show more features ▼
  • 10 torque settings
Available in 3 stores
Buy from Argos
In stock
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In stock
Buy from Robert Dyas
Robert Dyas
In stock
Good choice
  • Brushless motor technology
  • Powerful motor
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Show more features ▼
  • Impact Rate (bpm): 34,0
Available in 2 stores
Buy from Robert Dyas
Robert Dyas
In stock
Buy from Homebase
In stock
Great value
TC-ID 650 E
  • Idle speed: 0-2800 rpm
  • 2 functions: drilling, impact drilling
  • Quick-change drill chuck
  • Show more features ▼
  • Guarantee: 2 years
Available in 2 stores
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In stock
Buy from Robert Dyas
Robert Dyas
In stock

To drill a hole in a wall or other hard surfaces would be difficult without a drill. Fortunately there is a large variety of drills to choose from to make the job easier. The drill is one of the best innovations in construction. This tool is normally used to drill holes in concrete walls or other hard materials. The drill is the perfect tool for many occasions, for example when drilling holes for mounting a tv, renovating a kitchen or putting up a shelf.

A drill has many uses, for example the following:

  • Replaces the screwdriver – instead of using a manual screwdriver the drill will get the job down in no time.
  • Drill holes – this tool is extra useful when working with wooden materials.
  • Is compact and lightweight – the compact design of the drill makes it easy to carry.

What to think about when searching for a new drill

With or without cord

Drilling machines with a cord has the advantage of normally being more lightweight than the cordless ones, since they do not have a heavy battery. Also remember that if you buy a machine with a cord you might need to use an extension cord. For the tougher jobs like drilling in concrete a drilling machine with a cord is more ideal. A cordless machine gives you more mobility while working since you do not need an energy source. The most powerful drills without a cord are normally more expensive than those with a cord.

Design and comfort

It is important that your tools feel comfortable while using them. Consider what you will use the drilling machine for to get the right balance between comfort and performance. In most cases there are two types of handles on the drills to choose from. One is shaped like a “T” where the handle is in the middle of the machine which gives a perfect balance. A good thing about this design is that it does not burden your wrists. The other type of drill is designed like a gun with the handle on the back.

Some extra features to look for:

  • A built in light that helps you see in the dark
  • A built in spirit level that makes your drilling more precise
  • An adjustable side handle that gives you more control and stability while drilling